We have been pursuing our sport for many years and are the German team which, next to the Beier siblings, has been skating together the longest. In the course of this, we have always pursued our goals as much as we could, and we could also overcome some obstacles. The coordination of school, sports and financial means is a particular challenge. A time management doesn't allow for earning a bit extra ourselves if we continue to aim for professional education at the same time. Since it has to be a major priority to accomplish these educational aims besides the sport, the financial burden for our parents increases every year. For them it is, however, not possible to support not only our five siblings completely, but also two more children who practice a sport that is so costly. New costumes, new skates, as well as travels to the competitions are necessary ever year, which causes most of the costs. Performances and a contribution of the German Sports Aid Foundation are insufficient to cover the expenses.

We would therefore like to ask your company or your circle of friends to consider supporting a senior ice dance team with in-kind or monetary donations.

In return, we'd be happy to wear a logo or the like on our sports suits, as well as putting banners on our website.

On this site you'll find our contact information. We really appreciate any kind of support! Thank you!




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