News - Season 2009/2010


June 23, 2010:

Journal June

Our basic training with the German Armed Forces started on May 3, but since we wanted to take care of several organizational issues as well, we already headed to North Rhine-Westphalia a week earlier. Sometimes it does get complicated when you don't have a permanent address anywhere in Germany. At the moment, we have parts of our stuff in Wuppertal at our father's, another part is in Lyon, the probably biggest part is situated in our car. Since we wanted to practice in Dortmund that week, however, we were initially facing a little problem: our rooms in Dortmund have already been given to other people
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May 18, 2010:

Journal May

Before the World Championships, we had already planned to do our training with the German Armed Forces in May and June and therefore first returned to Lyon. The reason for this decision was that there's no ice in Lyon in May and June, so we would have needed to switch to an alternative training location then. We were back on the ice right after the competition on Monday and settled a final music choice for the new season. This was cut by Tuesday, and so we could already start working on the choreography on Wednesday. ....  more


March 29, 2010:

New photos of the World Championships

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March 25, 2010:

World Championships - Original Dance

Unfortunately, Carolina and Daniel were unable to reach the concluding Free Dance at these World Championships. 42.81 points weren't enough to place among the first 20 teams that will be allowed to take part in the Free Dance on Friday. With a total score of 69.17 points. they finish the competition in 22nd place.

Results Original Dance
Final Results


March 23, 2010:

World Championships - Compulsory Dance

After today's Compulsory Dance, Carolina and Daniel are in 21st place. It was only the second time this season that they performed the Golden Waltz in competition. Their skate earned them 26.36 points. With a good performance in the Original Dance on Thursday (2nd in the starting order), Carolina and Daniel could use the narrow point margins to their benefit and make up leeway in the standings.

Results Compulsory Dance


March 22, 2010:

World Championships

Tomorrow, the competition starts at the World Championships in Torino, Italy. The events will take place at the venue of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games until March 28. For Carolina and Daniel, the competition already starts on Tuesday: they will be the third team to take the ice for the Compulsory Dance then. The exact time for their skate is 12:16 p.m.


March 12, 2010:

Journal March

By now we've already been in Lyon for 2 months, and still the time feels much shorter. At the moment, we're busy training, attending a French class, and Daniel has also finally managed to unpack and arrange everything in the right room. One of the reasons why we decided in favor of Lyon was the language ....  more


February 26, 2010:

Videos Season 2009/2010

Videos of this season, from Skate Canada, Compulsory Dance, Original Dance and Free Dance.


February 23, 2010:

World Championships

Carolina and Daniel were nominated for the World Championships in Torino, March 22 - 28! They are very excited to compete in a major competition this season after all!


February 5, 2010:

Journal February 2010

The new year surely brings many changes and events, an essential one already in early January: the coaching change to Lyon. After the German Championships, we decided to take the step and leave our longtime, homelike training location in order to switch to the camp of head coach Muriel Zazoui. To us personally, it was a matter of the heart to leave Dortmund "on amicable terms." No other farewell would have been worthy of all those many wonderful years. In Dortmund, we've always felt that we were in good hands and supported ....  more


January 15, 2010:

Journal January

At the beginning of December, the NRW Trophy for Figure Skating and Pair Skating took place in Dortmund. Since more than 200 participants had signed up, the competition was already supposed to start on Wednesday, which is why we decided to relocate our training to Oberstdorf for the entire week. Furthermore, the chillers in Dortmund failed briefly, so there was no ice on the previous weekend. We were thus given the chance to work with the federal coach again for a couple of days ....  more


December 29, 2009:

Move to Lyon

After careful and long consideration, Carolina and Daniel have now decided to train in Lyon with Muriel Boucher-Zazoui and Romain Haguenauer from January. After nearly 12 years at the training center in Dortmund, the two of them will finish the season there until their basic military training starts in April. Besides Carolina and Daniel, Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, as well as Anna Cappellini and Luca LaNotte, belong to this training group.

More information on this will be included in the next journal entry.


December 21, 2009:

German Championships - Free Dance

Even after an excellent Free Dance performance, Carolina and Daniel couldn't defend their title at the German Championships and remain in 2nd place. For their Free Dance, Carolina and Daniel received 82.31 points; overall, they accumulated 160.01 points. This was unfortunately not enough to catch up with the Beier siblings, who ended up taking the title with a margin of 9.64 points.

Results Free Dance
Final Result


December 18, 2009:

German Championships - Compulsory and Original Dance

The first competitions of the German Championships started in Mannheim yesterday. Carolina and Daniel are the defending champions there. Because of their starting number 1 in the Compulsory Dance, Carolina and Daniel even opened the entire senior competition. With 30.19 points, they earned more points in the Tango Romantica than in the previous Compulsory Dance performances this season, but they still had to admit defeat to the Beier siblings. In the Original Dance last night, they received another 2nd place with a good score of 47.51 points. Before the Free Dance, which will take place on Saturday afternoon local time, they are therefore in 2nd position with a score of 77.70 points.

Results Compulsory Dance
Results Original Dance


December 12, 2009:

Golden Spin of Zagreb

The 42nd Golden Spin of Zagreb takes place this weekend in Zagreb, Croatia. After the first competition day, Carolina and Daniel are in 5th place with a promising score of 73.86 points. In the Compulsory Dance, they had their best showing of the Tango Romantica so far with a score of 28.29 points, which meant a 6th place in this competition segment. They managed to climb up in the standings thanks to their 5th place in the Original Dance for which they received 45.57 points.

Carolina and Daniel end their last international competition of the year 2009 on a high note: they managed to reach 152.29 points overall at the Golden Spin of Zagreb! In the Free Dance, they repeated their good showing from the previous day and secured a 4th place in the overall standings with the 78.43 points (4th place) that they received in the Free Dance.



December 8, 2009:

New Journal Entry

Another month is over, which means that German Nationals are approaching. The Compulsory Dance that will be performed at the European Championships, and thus also at the German Championships, has just been drawn at the Grand Prix Final in Tokyo - it's the Tango Romantica. However, before it's time for Nationals, we'll still be very busy, even though it's only a few more weeks. ....  more


November 22, 2009:

Grand Prix - Skate Canada - Free Dance

Carolina and Daniel finished the Grand Prix event Skate Canada with a very good performance in the Free Dance. They received a score of 73.54 points for their Free Dance to the soundtrack of "The Mask," which equaled a 6th place in this competition segment. Carolina and Daniel came extremely close to 6th place overall, but ended up 7th (141.61 points) in the overall standings.

Results Free Dance
Final Results


November 21, 2009:

Grand Prix - Skate Canada - Original Dance

Carolina and Daniel also came in 7th place in the Original Dance. Because of the 42.78 points that they received for their rendition of folklore, their total score accumulated to 68.07 points. The two of them thus remain in 7th place in the overall standings at Skate Canada, too. If they still occupy this placement in the end will show after the Free Dance that takes place this Sunday.

Results Original Dance


Grand Prix - Skate Canada - Compulsory Dance

At the Grand Prix event Skate Canada, Carolina and Daniel are in 7th place after the Compulsory Dance. Their performance of the Tango Romantica earned them 25.29 points. Because of this placement, they will skate the Original Dance as number 2 again (start of the Original Dance: 12 p.m. local time). The Free Dance will take place on Sunday.

Results Compulsory Dance


November 20, 2009:

Grand Prix - Skate Canada

From November 20 - 22, Carolina and Daniel are competing at the ISU Grand Prix Skate Canada in Kitchener, ON, Canada. The ice dance competition will start today at 6:30 p.m. local time with the Tango Romantica as the Compulsory Dance. Carolina and Daniel will take the ice as the 2nd team out of a total of eight teams.


November 13, 2009:

Photos of the NRW Trophy


November 8, 2009:

NRW Trophy - Free Dance

Carolina and Daniel managed to finish the NRW Trophy in 2nd place! Furthermore, they won the Free Dance with a score of 84.05 points, which is a new personal best score for them! The total score of 161.74 points in this competition is a new international personal best for them and their first finish above the 145 points mark this season.

Results Free Dance

Final Result


November 7, 2009:

NRW Trophy - Original Dance

After the Original Dance, Carolina and Daniel are still in 3rd place overall at the NRW Trophy. They earned a score of 48.51 points (3rd place) in the OD, which resulted in a total score of 77.69 points. Tomorrow, they will take the ice as the 7th team to perform the Free Dance. Results Original Dance


November 6, 2009:

NRW Trophy - Compulsory Dance

This weekend, the NRW Trophy for ice dancers of different skating levels takes place in Dortmund, Germany. The Compulsory Dance was already scheduled for Friday. While the Tango Romantica had to be performed in their first two competitions of the season, Carolina and Daniel now performed the Golden Waltz for the first time ever. For this performance, they received a good score of 29.18 points and a 3rd place.

The Original Dance takes place Saturday evening (local time, starting number 1), the Free Dance follows on Sunday.

Results Compulsory Dance


November 2, 2009:

New Journal Entry

At the time of our last journal entry, we had to go through some uneasy days and nights. We didn't mention this in early October, but at that point we were already intensely contemplating returning to our old Free Dance. We got the idea during the analysis of the Nebelhorn Trophy, and we were discussing the pros and cons a lot ....  more


October 31, 2009:

Grand Prix - Skate Canada

Surprisingly, Carolina and Daniel got invited to participate in the Grand Prix in Canada. The Grand Prix event will take place November 19 - 22 in Kitchener, Ontario. For this reason, they will unfortunately not be able to compete at the Pavel Roman Memorial in Olomouc, Czech Republic at the same time. This is the first time that they were invited to two Grand Prix events in one season.


Oktober 24, 2009:

Grand Prix "Rostelecom Cup" - Free Dance

Today, Carolina and Daniel finished the Rostelecom Cup with their Free Dance. In the end, luck wasn't on their side to get the result they hoped for: due to a fall in the circular step sequence, several points got lost. In addition, Carolina and Daniel received another 1-point deduction for an extended lift in a Free Dance that was otherwise well-performed. With a 9th place in the Free Dance (66.51 points), the two of them came in 9th place in the total standings as well (134.69 points).

Results Free Dance and Final Result


October 23, 2009:

Grand Prix - "Rostelecom Cup" - Compulsory Dance & Original Dance

Today and tomorrow, Carolina and Daniel are competing in Moscow at the Rostelecom Cup, one of six Grand Prix events. For the Tango Romantica, which was again drawn as the Compulsory Dance, they received 25.54 points (9th place out of 9 couples). Therefore, they were the first team to take the ice for the Original Dance. After the first day of the competition, Carolina and Daniel remain in 9th place (68.18 points) since they also came in 9th in the Original Dance with a score of 42.64 points. The concluding Free Dance follows on Saturday. For this, Carolina and Daniel have returned to their program from last season to the soundtrack of the movie "The Mask."

Results Compulsory Dance and Original Dance


October 20, 2009:

Grand Prix - Moscow

On Wednesday, October 21, Carolina and Daniel will travel to their next competition in Moscow, which is the Grand Prix event "Rostelecom Cup" that takes place October 22 - 25. At the moment, they're training hard, use every spare minute to improve their programs, and they are thus hoping for good results.


October, 14 2009:

New Journal Entry

We apologize for not always having the journal entry completed by the beginning of the month of late. Usually, we always write the entry towards the end of the previous month. In the last three months, though, we were away right at that time, just like this month when we spontaneously went to Munich after the Nebelhorn Trophy in order to revise a few things there. But first things first. ....  more


September, 30 2009:

New photos of the Nebelhorn Trophy


September 26, 2009:

Nebelhorn Trophy - Free dance

Carolina and Daniel finish the Nebelhorn Trophy with an 11th place overall (136.06 points). Their Free Dance to music by the rock band Queen received some level deductions, which is reflected in the score of 65.20 points and the 12th place in the Free Dance.

Result Free Dance

Final Result


September 25, 2009:

Nebelhorn Trophy - Original Dance

After the Original Dance, Carolina and Daniel are now in 9th place overall (70.86 points). They achieved 44.73 points in the Original Dance, which is set to folk music this season; this equaled a 7th place in this particular segment. They have drawn the starting number 5 for the Free Dance on Saturday afternoon and will therefore skate in the second warm-up group.



September 24, 2009:

Nebelhorn Trophy - Compulsory Dance

With their Compulsory Dance, the Tango Romantica, at the Nebelhorn Trophy, Carolina and Daniel received a score of 26.13 points, they are currently in 10th place. They can attack again in the Original Dance at 8:20 p.m. They will then take the ice as the 7th team.

A few pictures you can find HERE

And pictures from practice




September 23, 2009:

Nebelhorn Trophy

The off-season is over and Carolina and Daniel are in the starting blocks for the first competition of the season. The Nebelhorn Trophy, where they will compete, takes place in Oberstdorf, Germany, from September 24 to 26. The Compulsory Dance (Tango Romantica) already starts at 9.45 a.m. on Thursday morning, and Carolina and Daniel have drawn an early number. They will take the ice as the 4th of a total of 17 ice dance teams. The Original Dance will also take place later that day (20.20 p.m.) before the Free Dance follows on Saturday.


September 16, 2009:

New Introduction Video! See homepage.


September 12, 2009:

Journal September

The time in Vancouver went by way too fast. A few weekends and you're almost back in Germany again. If Vancouver weren't 12 flight hours and 9 times zones away (apart from the financial aspect), we would certainly want to stop by every now and then. Saying goodbye to our friends and host families there was just as difficult as last year. However, the chances that we'll be allowed to return to the city at the Pacific coast in approximately 5 months are a little bit better now than they were a year ago. This ticket is still very far away, though, and there are many stumbling blocks in the way that could cause us to trip. ....  more


August 20, 2009:

New Dates for season 2009/2010:

September 23 - 26, 2009 - Nebelhorn Trophy - Oberstdorf/Germany
October 22 - 25, 2009 - Grand Prix - Rostelecom Cup - Moscow/Russia
November 6 - 8, - NRW Trophy - Dortmund/Germany
December 17 - 20, 2009 - German Nationals - Mannheim/Germany


August 8, 2009:

Journal August 2009

For roughly four weeks, we've now been in Vancouver again, training every morning with three other senior teams, a junior team and a novice team at the rink in Burnaby. As nice as the summer break may be, we're actually happy that we can be on the ice again. The training schedule is almost the same as last summer. At 6.30 a.m., everyone gathers inside the rink in order to warm up and to utilize the on-ice training afterwards from 7 a.m. ....  more


July 1, 2009:

Summer Training Camp Canada

Carolina and Daniel arrived safely in Vancouver last night and they have already had their first day of practice. The two of them will again stay with their host families from last year. They are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Victor Kraatz and his wife Maikki during the next four weeks.


June 28, 2009:

Annual general meeting at the ERC Westfalen Dortmund

At the annual general meeting of their skating club, ERC Westfalen Dortmund, Carolina and Daniel were honored for their athletic achievements of the past season. The determination with which they have been pursuing both their athletic and academic objectives for years received special notice. Furthermore, Daniel was elected one of the delegates of the ERC Westfalen Dortmund and will therefore take on further duties besides his function as youth spokesperson.


June 3, 2009:

New Journal Entry

Nothing really spectacular may have happened within the past four weeks, but there is still enough to tell. First of all I've returned safe and sound from those four weeks of my basic military training, and I was so glad that I could finally be on the ice again instead of in the barracks. Next year I will have to swap my skates for leather boots and my pretty skating dresses for a greenish-camouflage battle dress again, but then this will be together with Daniel ....  more


May 31, 2009:

Grand Prix 2009/2010

The International Skating Union has announced the participants of the single Grand Prix events for the coming season. In 2009, Carolina and Daniel will be taking part in the Grand Prix series again, namely at the Rostelecom Cup, which will be held Oct. 22 - 25 in Moscow.

More about the Grand Prix entries here.


May 22, 2009:

A Spot in the Sports Support Program for Daniel

As of October 10, 2009, and therefore right after his college graduation, Daniel will receive a spot in the sports support program of the German Armed Forces in Cologne. At this year's discussion regarding personnel planning, the German Armed Forces as well as the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Skating Union argued for his admission.

Carolina had already received one of the few spots last year, so both of them will be supported by the German Armed Forces from then on. The German Armed Forces have supported the federal government in promoting high-performance sport since the 1960s by setting up the various sports support groups. Their support aims at representing Germany in international competitions, as well as granting German top athletes equal chances compared to athletes from other nations.


Olympic Top Team 2010 Vancouver

With immediate effect, Carolina and Daniel have been included in the Olympic "Top Team 2010 Vancouver" by the German Skating Union with the approval of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. The prerequisite for this was earning an Olympic quota spot at the 2009 World Championships in Los Angeles. Besides the two of them, the current world champions in pairs skating, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, as well as another three skaters are part of the Top Team. In the course of the preparations for the 2010 Olympic Games, Carolina and Daniel will now receive preferential support. Among others, this means having top priority regarding the use of the services offered by the Olympic Base, or working together more intensely with the German Sports Aid.






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