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January 9, 2012

German Nationals

Right at the beginning of the new year, Carolina and Daniel started into their next competition. During the German Championships in Oberstdorf from January 6 - 7, which have a major influence on choosing the two teams that will go to the European Championships later this month, both of them wanted to deliver top performance again. After the Short Dance, they were placed 3rd with a score of 49.31 points. Although they placed second in the Free Dance scoring 72.04 points, this wasn't enough to make up leeway from their Short Dance placement. With a total score of 121.35 points, Carolina and Daniel finish the competition with a bronze medal.

Short Dance Results

Free Dance Results

Total Results


January 1, 2012

Oberstdorf Gala

Here is a video of Carolina and Daniel's performance at the Oberstdorf Gala on December 30.


December 19, 2011

Istanbul Cup

This past weekend, Carolina and Daniel competed at the Istanbul Cup in Turkey. All in all, they came in 6th place at this competition with a score of 117.36 points. After they had opened the Short Dance as the first team in the starting orders and earned 44.01 points there (6th place in the competition segment), Carolina and Daniel placed 5th in the Free Dance with 73.35 points.

Results Short Dance
Results Kür
Overall Results


December 16, 2011

New photos of "Stars und Sternchen"


November 21, 2011

Pavel Roman Memorial

Carolina and Daniel also finished the Pavel Roman Memorial with a spot on the podium. After their Free Dance on Sunday for which they earned 75.59 points (third place in the Free Dance), Carolina and Daniel came in 3rd in the overall standings. Due to the 127.15 points that they thus achieved , the two of them also met the criteria for the B envelope in the following season. The requirement for this is a score of at least 120 points in two international competitions during the season. Carolina and Daniel had previously reached this goal at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund.



November 19, 2011

Pavel Roman Memorial

Another competition on Carolina and Daniel's schedule is the Pavel Roman Memorial, an ice dance competition that is held in Olomouc, Czech Republic, from November 18 to November 20. Once again, the two of them managed to increase their score for this year's Short Dance and placed 2nd with 51.56 points. The concluding Free Dance will follow on Sunday.


November 7, 2011

NRW Trophy

Carolina and Daniel's next competition took place this past weekend. At the NRW Trophy in Dortmund, Germany, they managed a much better start into the competition than the previous week and increased their Short Dance score by 11 points, resulting in a 3rd place with 49.85 points. As the last starters in the field, Carolina and Daniel then tackled the Free Dance on Sunday. By scoring 76.53 points for their performance to "Marguerite," they secured a 3rd place overall (4th place in the Free Dance segment). Their total score at this competition was thus 126.38 points.



October 31, 2011

International Cup of Nice

After a long break, Carolina and Daniel return to competition now. The International Cup of Nice takes place in Nice, France from October 26 - 30. On Friday, the two of them started into the Short Dance as the 11th out of 13 teams and finished in 9th place. Their performance to Latin American rhythms was also the first Short Dance they ever skated in competition, which was rewarded with 38.52 points. With a Free Dance performance that was judged 5th of the night (63.58 points) on Saturday, Carolina and Daniel climbed the ranks by some placements and ended up in 6th place overall with a total score of 102.10 points.

Results Short Dance
Results Free Dance
Results overall


April 13, 2011

Journal April

Another month is over and we literally feel as if time flies. About a year ago, we had our last competition to date when we skated at the World Championships in Torino, and even though our results last year didn't lead to much placement-wise, we still think that the past year has made us stronger. By saying this, we're not primarily referring to the countless hours of technique training or the fitness and ballet training, but rather the certainty of knowing why we're skating....  more


March 11, 2011

Journal March

Spring is slowly approaching, I thought to myself last week and bought a flowerpot plus flower for my windowsill. The next morning, the flower was unfortunately frozen to death and I incorporated the flowerpot into our common kitchen in the corridor as a cereal bowl. You just have to be creative. ....  more


March 9, 2011

Journal February

We're very sorry for the delay of this entry, but our excuse is all the more pleasant. Since the beginning of January, we've been on the ice together again on a regular basis. Of course we can't take the full workload yet, but it's a start. The beginnings were arduous, but worthwhile. Except for a little incident in the form of a fall (no, not during practice!), we're making steady progress. We had actually wanted to participate in a show in Kitzbühel at the end of January, but unfortunately the show got cancelled by the organizer ....  more


January 24, 2011

Journal January

You might actually think that the holiday season was extremely relaxing for us. No training, no hectic schedule, and no panic because the German Championships are right around the corner. Indeed, this is somehow true. Christmas gifts got ordered online, and you could actually lean back and enjoy your cookies over the holidays without having a bad conscience. But even when you try to see the positive, a bit of resentment still remains ....  more


December 25, 2010

We're featured in the current youth-themed issue of the magazine Change (4/2010), published by the Bertelsmann Foundation.
PDF download: You can find us on page 20.


December 9, 2010 (original date)

Journal December

First of all I'd like to inform you that Daniel's surgery went well and that he could leave the hospital after just a few days. Meshes had to be used in both groins, but thanks to modern medical technology, he'll be able to put full strain on his body in just a few weeks. Unfortunately my surgery was more complicated, but hopefully the worst will soon be over, too. 6 weeks of crutches wear you out quite a bit, so I'm really glad to see the end approaching ....  more


December 3, 2010

Let's go whole hog!!!

We've already mentioned many times that it rarely happens that we don't experience certain big events together. When Caro jumped down into the water off the 10 m platform, Daniel, being the big brother, could be in no way inferior, and when Daniel bungee jumped, Caro naturally had to follow. It was now time for another turn. Under no circumstances did Daniel want to leave Caro alone with her recent surgical experience, so he spontaneously got himself a hernia. The surgery was scheduled for yesterday. Daniel didn't know yet whether he'd dare watch his own surgery as the little sister did.

PS: The German Armed Forces recently promoted Daniel, too, and now he finally has the same rank as Caro.


November 18, 2010

Election of the Athlete Representatives of the German Skating Union

At the election of the athlete representatives of the German Sakting Union in October, Daniel was elected to be a representative for the next four years. He'd like to cordially thank the other athletes for their trust. Together with Alexander Gazsi, he will be a possible contact for all the athletes during the next Olympic cycle. They are both obliged to maintain confidentiality.

Daniel was already allowed to to act as deputy for the former athlete representatives, William Beier and Stefan Lindemann, at the general meeting of the athlete representatives in Munich. Besides the elections of the athlete representatives of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, interesting discussions took place there about aspects concerning the work of federations, doping test regulations, Dual Career, as well as industry and commerce as partners of athletes.

In this context, the opportunity of athletes working closer together with the media was explicitly pointed out. Therefore it will be a main objective for Daniel to update and complete the athlete profiles on the German Skating Union's website.


November 17, 2010

Journal November

Unfortunately Carolina still wasn't able to practice in October, and except for a couple of days when she did try to, Daniel continues to practice on the ice alone. Naturally, the situation gets more and more frustrating, particularly now that the competitions have begun and you really want to finally return to training. Of course our goal remains to skate at the German Championships ....  more


November 7, 2010

Knee Surgery

Carolina had arthroscopic knee surgery on November 4. Both the medial and the lateral meniscus were repaired, therefore she won't be allowed to put pressure on the knee for the next 6 weeks. We're hoping for an ideal course of the treatment and rehab therapy to promote a fast healing process.


November 7, 2010

Journal October

"Juuten Tach" is Berlin dialect and means "hello," and these past few weeks we got a taste of how little Berlin dialect we know. When Bavarians say "Servus" instead, the rest of Germany gets worked up about that, but actually the people from Berlin have no reason to get worked up like that. What's rather surprising is how quickly you get accustomed to such a dialect. By now we find ourselves ordering "Schrippen" at the bakery or putting on a "Schlüppa" ....  more


October 6, 2010

Journal September

At the beginning of August, we moved to Berlin for a test practice, and this is the point from which we'd like to start this entry. It wasn't the first time that we've been to Berlin, but we've actually never wanted to live here. We've known the city since our first German Novice Championships in 2000 and have never been able to establish a real relationship with it. Its charm and the atmosphere that so many people rave about have probably never really reached us. We can't even state a reason why this is so. It wasn't until we visited the city more often due to the relationships with our girlfriend and boyfriend that we slowly began to warm to the city ....  more


August 10, 2010

Journal August

In our journal entries from the last couple of months, we tried to elaborate less on the rather negative aspects that we've been concerned with for a long time, because there was no "solution" whatsoever in sight by then. To be honest, we've been very worried about the future of the ice dance team Hermann-Hermann since the World Championships in particular, but also before that. We were simply at a loss. The past season was a heavy load on our shoulders because we noticed how quickly you get dropped if things aren't going so well. In addition, we were very, very worried about our professional future. After all, our studies have been in the doldrums since the beginning of our time with the German Armed Forces. However, this entry will be different ....  more


July 26, 2010

Journal July

The beginning of June signified the halftime of our stay in the barracks in Dillingen. The first month was over and we could start counting down the days. The main platoon had been released from duty, so we were only 12 athletes and those 3 female soldiers who had to complete the remaining training. In such a small platoon (that's how the German Armed Forces classify such groups), you have an advantage that really should not be underestimated: time. With a size of 30 or 40 soldiers ....  more


July 13, 2010

After due consideration over the last few weeks, we have decided that it is more future-oriented and more success-oriented to not compete at the beginning of the next season. Instead, we would like to use the time to improve our basics, to reduce existing deficiencies, and to enhance our strengths. The last couple of years have shown us that it is important to not only plan for the short term, but to lay strong foundations for the next Olympic cycle. If necessary, we keep the option open to go about the coming years with new partners. More about this in the August journal entry (the translation of the July entry is still in the making and will be published in due time).





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